CAT-100 -Original Race Canceled- New modified plan below, Please contact Jim Treece for more information,

April 28-29th, 2012

The Appalachian Trail will not allow the CAT-100 to use any portion of the trail.  In an effort to salvage all the hard training of the runners and the supplies etc. purchased by the volunteers I am organizing a run that will start and finish at Camp Manidokan (site of the original course finish).  I am trying to get some of the course to be on trail within the Camp property before exiting onto the C&O canal.  Runners would then travel south on the Canal for about 20 miles before reversing direction and returning north to where they entered the Canal.  Runners would then go north bound for about 4.5 miles and then return to where they entered the Canal follow the trail back up to the Camp Pavilion. A total of 50 miles that would then be repeated.  Aid stations would vary from 5 to 10 miles apart.  We would have a single drop bag at the start finish.  The start finish has a covered pavilion, fire ring, bathrooms and showers. We have lots of aid and should be a good time (no Alcohol since it is a Methodist Camp)  I understand this is not what you signed up for so please let me know if you are still interested.  I will send refund checks to all runners. 

If you were not entered in the original event but would like to participate please let me know

Volunteers:  I am planning to have aid at Nolands Ferry (Canal mile 44.6), Brunswick (Canal mile 55), Dargan Bend (Canal mile 64.9) and Antietam Creek (Canal mile 69.3) 

These are very rough total mile numbers for the aid stations:

Brunswick – Mile 10

Nolands- Mile 20

Brunswick- Mile 31

Dargan Bend- Mile 41

Anteitam Creek- Mile 45

Dargan Bend- Mile 49

Start/Finish- Mile 50


We will start at 5:00am on Saturday so please arrive a little early so we can get everyone organized

Directions to the Finish at Camp Manidokan

Manidokan is located at 1600 Harpers Ferry Rd, Knoxville, MD 21758

From Frederick MD, travel west on Route 340 West toward Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia.  About a mile past Route 67 turn left at yellow flashing light onto Keep Tryst rd., you will come to a stop sign, turn left staying on Keep Tryst rd. and go to top of the hill and turn right on Sandy Hook Road.  Proceed for about 5 miles and the Main gate will be on the left.  Note that Sandy Hook Road becomes Harper’s Ferry Rd. after about 2 miles. 

After turning into the property travel few hundred yards and then turn left and continue to the pavilion at the top of the hill.



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