I had a total of 50 requests for entry.  I used a random number generator to determine the entrants and wait list order.  If your name is on the entrants list I need to receive your signed entry form and check by December 31st.  If I fail to receive the signed form and check I will take the next person on the wait list.  If someone needs to drop I will continue to take people from the wait list up until the race with a goal of having 25 at the start.


Wait List Order

1 Steve Dobson 1 Jordan M. Goodman
2 Lisa Johnston 2 Laura Bur
3 John Godinet 3 Rob Jacobs
4 Gilbert Gray 4 Derek Marble
5 Doug Sullivan 5 Jared Taylor
6 Orla Kastberg 6 Maxwell A Millick
7 Charlie Joyce 7 Andrew Miller
8 Warren Warcholik 8 Joe Hillenbrand
9 Ken Motsay 9 Rush Combs
10 Marcy Beard 10 Shawn Krause
11 Brian Boyle 11 Sheridan Ames
12 Scott Millar 12 Rick Meyers
13 Kent Gallup 13 Phil Murphy
14 Steven Miller    
15 Dima Feinhaus    
16 Chris Hinch    
17 Tammy Parsons    
18 Peter Wray    
19 Ali Turfe    
20 Randy Dietz    
21 Ray Jackson    
22 Mike Bur    
23 Franklin Wood    
24 Jeff Gura    
25 Steven Milburn    

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