Station #1 (Gambrill Park Blue Trailhead) to Station #2 (Hamburg Road)

From the parking lot take the blue trail and head north.  (Note that Blue trail may be marked with other colors at various times and hard to see in the dark) After about 3.0 miles you will be following the creek downhill and the blue trail takes a sharp left turn before starting up a steep climb.  Be careful not to miss this turn. Section (6.0 Miles), Cumulative (6.0)


Station #2 (Hamburg Rd.) to Station#3 (Manor)

Leave the Hamburg Rd. Aid Station and travel north on the Blue Trail.   After about 3 miles you will cross Delauter Rd. then you will cross Fishing Creek Rd., next will be Gambrill Park Rd and then finally you will cross Catoctin Hollow Rd.  Shortly after crossing Catoctin Hollow Rd. you will come to a stream crossing.  After crossing stream immediately turn right to the Aid station. Section (8.85 Miles), Cumulative (14.85)


Station #3 (Manor) to Station #4 (Foxville Rd. Route 77)

Leave the Manor Aid Station and travel north on the Blue Trail.   When you arrive at Foxville Rd the Blue Trail resumes on the other side a short distance to the right.  Parking is very limited, no crews allowed. Section (6.50 Miles), Cumulative (21.35)


Station #4 (Foxville Rd. Route 77) to Station #5 (Mtn. Zion Rd )

Continue north on the Blue Trail through Catoctin Mountain Park.  In this section you will cross several roads and for a short distance travel along a gravel road.  Please note that the blue trail markings on the trees are different shades of blue. Just before the aid station the trail hits a T- junction, turn left down a slight hill to the aid station. (Section is used by horses and can get very muddy) Section (4.50 Miles), Cumulative (25.85)


Station #5 (Mtn. Zion Rd ) to Station #6 (Pen Mar Park #1)

Turn left out of the aid station onto Mt. Zion Rd., the road almost immediately forks, take the Right fork and continue on Mt. Zion Rd. to the junction with Raven Rock Rd.  Turn Left onto Raven Rock Rd. and follow it to the Appalachian Trail (AT) White Blazed. Turn right on the AT and head north to the Pen Mar aid station. (Note you will use this station Twice) Section (7.45 Miles), Cumulative (33.30)



Station #6 (Pen Mar Park #1) to Station #7 (Old Forge Rd.#1)

Continue north on the AT from the Pen Mar parking lot.  In the first 3 miles you have about 6 road crossings.  The aid station is located at Old Forge Picnic Area. Section (7.20 Miles), Cumulative (40.50)


Station #7 (Old Forge Rd.#1) to Station #8 (Old Forge Rd. #2)

Continue north on the AT from the Old Forge Picnic Area.  After a short distance you will cross Rattlesnake Run Road, continue north on AT to Old Forge Rd.  Cross Old Forge Rd. (AT continues to the right )follow AT north for about 1 mile.  This is a nice long hill, near the top you will see a sign to turn around and retrace path on AT south back to the Old Forge Picnic Area. Section (4.0 Miles), Cumulative (44.50)


Station #8 (Old Forge Rd. #2) to Station #9 (Pen Mar #2)

Continue south on the AT from the Old Forge Picnic Area and retrace steps back to the Pen Mar.   Section (7.20 Miles), Cumulative (51.70)


Station #9 (Pen Mar #2) to Station #10 (Wolfsville Rd. Rt.17)

Continue south on the AT from Pen Mar.  You will cross Raven Rock Rd., Warner Gap Hollow, and Foxville Rd. Rt77.  Just before you reach Wolfsville Rd. there is a side trail to the left that leads up a short hill to the aid station.  There will be a sign marking this turn.  Section (9.35 Miles), Cumulative 61.05)


Station #10 (Wolfsville Rd. Rt.17) to Station #11 (Route 40)

Return back down the side trail to the AT.  Turn left on AT and immediately cross Rt. 17 and continue south on AT.  At the footbridge over I-70 there is a side trail to the left that leads up to the parking area and aid station.  Section (8.45 Miles), Cumulative 69.5)


Station #11 (Route 40) to Station #12 (South Mtn. Inn Rt 40A)

Return back down the side trail to the AT and cross footbridge over I-70.  Continue south on AT. You will pass through Washington Monument State Park (Area can be confusing, watch for white blazes)  Section (4.80 Miles), Cumulative 74.30)


Station #12 (South Mtn. Inn Rt 40A) to Station #13 (Gathland)

Continue south on AT to Gathland State Park.  Section (7.20 Miles), Cumulative 81.50)


Station #13 (Gathland) to Station #14 (Weverton #1)

Continue south on AT.  After descending Weverton Cliffs you will cross Weverton Rd. The AT is in the grassy section to the left of the road and parking area.  Continue on AT past parking area, trail then leads under Highway 340 before descending to Keep Tryst Rd. and Aid Station next to railroad tracks. (Aid station is in same location as that used by the JFK50)  Section (6.50 Miles), Cumulative 88.00)


Station #14 (Weverton) to Manidokan Finish

Cross the railroad tracks and turn Right on the C&O and travel north for 3.0 miles.  Turn Right on Foot Bridge across canal, cross road to the start of the Maryland Heights Trail.  Follow Green Trail up hill (watch for left turn).  At the intersection of Green/Blue/Red trails take Blue trail left up hill.  Blue trail continues uphill to the ridge and then turns right and follows ridge before descending.  The Blue trail eventually ends at intersection with Red trail.  Take Right on Red trail downhill.  You will come back to the Green/Blue/Red intersection you encountered earlier, at this point the Red trail ends and you will be back on the Green trail that you will follow downhill back to the C&O Canal.  Cross the footbridge back to Canal and turn right on C&O, travel north for 3.6 miles at which point you will see a grassy clearing on your right.   Turn right off the canal through the grassy clearing and across a paved road. Enter the trail on the other side of the road on the ride side of the guardrail.  Follow the trail up the creek until you come to an old cement foundation, turn right up the hill.  At the top of the hill you will enter Camp Manidokan.  Travel straight through the camp and up the hill to the finish pavailion.  When you reach the pavilion you will need to do a loop around the open clearing following the tree line back to the pavilion.  The entire section from the C&O Canal to the finish will be marked.  Section (12 Miles), Cumulative 100 Miles





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